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Coaches cost just as much as a therapist but without all that training that gets in the way of true communication. While a therapist might diagnose you as a narcissistic recluse with delusions of grandeur, a coach can see you for what you truly are: an entrepreneur.

A coach doesn't have a degree to bog down what should be person to inspiring person communication. Why take life advice from a doctor? You're not a doctor. A coach is just a regular person just like you, but who has got it all figured out.

Unlike a therapist, a success coach is able to share your progress with the world so people know how well you're doing and how good they are as a coach. This is important. Therapists have something called doctor-patient confidentiality that prohibits them from doing this and therefore limits the amount of people who can see and FEEL your progress.

You might be saying "Dale, I don't have my life together, I can't be a life coach for others." That doesn't matter.

Coaches range in varying degrees of education. Some of the best coaches I know (and work with) simply decided that they wanted to be life coaches. That's the first, most important, and sometimes only step to becoming a life coach.

Once you've declared yourself a coach, you're ready to start accepting clients and change the world one life at a time. There are many books out there that I've written that can and should inspire you to be a life coach yourself. Once you know the information and skills of how to achieve happiness and fulfillment, it's on you to pass it on with certainty to all souls you interact with in order to continue the expansion of global consciousness, even if you yourself aren't living by these principles.

"A woke society begets awokenness. And being awoke is the only way to realize how asleep you've always been."

- Dale Thorhammer

If you're interested in getting a life coach, or becoming a life coach, you can reach out to me directly on Facebook and we will train you in the art of transformation so you can start your Facebook Live seminars as soon as possible.

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